Who We Are

We believe that technology should not be just limited to a chosen few but accessible to all businesses alike, empowering people associated with it for a better livelihood. with the outburst of the online taxi aggregation business, the smaller and regional operators are left far behind. At Moovlee, we are bridging this gap by providing a level playing field to the local taxi operators. The operators becomes mobile APP enabled service without the need of buying or managing the technology. We believe that they deserve a chance to compete with the larger players. We also believe that catalyst to provide quality services to the customers is high driver commitment. In contrast to the others, we are working towards higher driver engagement by putting our core focus on driver's welfare and empowerment by working with the operators and unions.

Founded in 2016, "moovlee" is a true marketplace for all taxi drivers and operators of radio taxis, outstation cabs, hourly rentals etc. It’s a free marketplace for all but at the same time we do not allow any unfair pricing strategies or practices.

Our Team

Amlan Dutta

Founder, CEO

Soumyadip Mitra

Co-Founder, Product Officer

Ruturaj Patil

Product Owner/Lead

Akanksha Dixit

Co-Founder, IT Operations

Arthi Perumalsamy

Founding Partner